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Take Time For Yourself

Take Time For Yourself

By Mary Curtis
Photo By: unsplash-logoSimon Migaj

A Few Minutes to Relax and Let Go Will Boost Your Energy

This is Part 3 in the series “Navigating Troubled Times” a step-by-step guide to strengthen yourself emotionally and mentally during the global pandemic crisis.

No matter how busy you are right now, it is essential that you take time – even a few minutes – to just relax! Taking time for yourself is NOT SELFISH! It is something you MUST do so you can be there to care for your loved ones!

Why does this matter?

  • Exhaustion wears down your body and your mind
  • This wearing down process WEAKENS your immune system

What can you do?

  • Your immune system BUILDS UP when you relax and experience pleasant emotions and tranquility

“But,” you say, “I don’t have time.”

Even a minute or two can do wonders to boost your energy and recharge your immune system!

Simple tips for you:

  • Take a virtual mental vacation:
    • Close your eyes for a few seconds to visualize and go to “your favorite place”
      • This place can be a real place or someplace you make up
      • Just go there and say to yourself something like “I am now in My Favorite Place where I am happy and at peace.”
  • Excuse yourself from the room for a few minutes to take a “breather”
    • It is not selfish to let loved ones know that you need a break
    • Honesty asserting your feelings lets those around you know that you also need care
  • Be aware of your breathing and posture:
    • When at work or tending to family, be consciously aware of your breathing:
      • Focus on slow, steady inhales and exhales to stay calm and maintain energy:
        • Rapid shallow breathing depletes energy
    • Be consciously aware of your posture whether you are standing or sitting:
      • Correct your posture if you are slumping
      • Putting your shoulders back and your head up opens up your breathing and increases your energy
      • Good posture increases feelings of wellbeing and helps you feel more empowered to handle things. And this gives you a great big boost to your immune system!
  • Be aware of any tenseness anywhere in your body:
    • Consciously flex and relax muscles in your legs, arms, hands, torso, and face to release tension

And finally, DO THIS:

    • If you cannot manage a smile, then a neutral expression
    • The physical act of smiling ACTUALLY helps you feel better emotionally
      • Signals are sent between your smile and your brain and nervous system that enhance feelings of peace and happiness
      • These positive feelings boost your immune system


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