Navigating Troubled Times
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Navigating Troubled Times

Navigating Troubled Times

A Step-by-Step Guide to Strengthen Yourself Amidst the Turbulence in Our Current Times

No matter how you feel about current events, most of us would conclude that we are living in an era of profound change.  As people and as a civilization, it sometimes feels as if everything we hold true is being challenged.

Social media, television, movies and entertainment, and even our workplaces and homes, reflect these profound changes.  And so, at times it seems nearly impossible to find peace away from the tumult.

This series is meant to help you navigate your way through during these times, and to find your way back to your peaceful self.  While not meant to be a definitive end-all (seek advice and help from professionals if you feel threatened or in dangerous or critical circumstances), this set of articles is designed as an everyday guide to cope with other people or circumstances; at home, at work or school, at church, while shopping, or anywhere.

Included are links to tools and techniques that will help you acquire skills to cope with others, and to de-stress and gain calm, and improve your focus.  Many of these are free or inexpensive with free trial periods.

The best we can do for others – our family, friends, work mates, community – is to first of all take care of ourselves.  If you are coming from a healthier position of strength – including emotionally – you will achieve a positive example for those around you.  The first step in getting stronger is honestly looking at what’s going on around you while recognizing that you can only control yourself.  What others do is beyond our ability to control.

Frustrating as it is during those instances when we are faced with a potential confrontation from a loved one, a work partner, or friend who is angling for an argument over politics, climate, etc., we can only control what we do.  Believe it or not, you do not have to be dragged into an argument just because someone else wants to start one with you.  Ultimately, you make that decision alone.

Part 1:  Accept and Breathe

Part 2:  Find Your Inner Strength

Part 3:  Relax and Let Go:  How to Take Time for Yourself No Matter How Busy You Are – COMING SOON

Part 4:  You Are the Center – COMING SOON



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