Navigating Troubled Times
Self Care

Navigating Troubled Times

A Step-by-Step Guide to Strengthen Yourself Emotionally and Mentally During the Global Pandemic Crisis

Navigating Troubled Times
Accept and Breathe
(Part 1)
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Find Your Inner Strength
(Part 2)
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Take Time For Yourself
(Part 3)
You Are The Center by Mary Curtis Photo Credit: Joshua Earle
You Are The Center (Part 4)

While many of us continue to shelter in place at home during this global coronavirus pandemic, many of us are on the front lines at hospitals fighting this disease. And still, many more of us struggle at grocery stores to keep the necessary supply chain of food and goods flowing to the rest of us.

No matter where you are at this time, please KNOW that ALL OF US are sharing this crisis together. We are all asking the same questions. What is happening and will we and our loved ones come through this?

Isolation can bring on feelings of anxiety and depression. In addition, so many of us are now concerned financially about keeping their homes and jobs. Worries and anxiety can build up and lead to increased tensions in what may be an already tense household.

But negative emotions like worry, anxiety, sadness, and troubling thoughts can also lower your immune system.

Now more than ever, it is necessary for you to do everything possible to keep your immune system strong. And one way to help yourself stay strong is to keep yourself, and your loved ones, from falling into depression and to get on the other side of bad feelings.

While not being in denial of the current situation, worry, fear, anxiety does no good to help. While we can feel and express these feelings, reacting to them or giving way to these negative feelings can, and often does, make an already bad situation, worse.

Negative emotions like fear, worry, anxiety, can seem like an overwhelming storm.

While negative emotions can seem like an overwhelming storm, they do not have to flood in on you and your household. There are tools, techniques, that you can learn to use that will help you ride out the storm.

This series is meant to help you navigate your way through this current crisis. Back to your peaceful self.

This set of articles is designed as an everyday guide to coping with this crisis. Seek help if you feel threatened or in danger, or if you or a loved one or workmate has feelings of suicide.


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