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Find Your Inner Strength

This is Part 2 of the series Navigating Troubled Times a step-by-step guide to strengthen yourself  amidst the turbulence in our current times.

Before we get started on this second part of our journey, I want to note that I intentionally use the word “Find” in the title “Find Your Inner Strength.”  I am not giving you a “how-to” to try to enable you to get something you don’t have.  Rather, I’m providing you a guided exercise to seek out and find something that has always been with you, but has somehow appeared to become “lost” in the daily clutter of life.

Your STRENGTH is not necessarily physical muscle strength, although you can include that too in your rediscovery.  I’m referring to your INNER STRENGTH.  We ALL have it.  It’s just that there are times when we have to dig down through the mess that has gotten in the way, to retrieve and find it!

You are more resilient than you may think you are!

We all experience days when it seems as if everything is going wrong.  Your day starts out with your alarm not going off.  You’re late already, and now there’s no hot water for your shower.  You manage to tough it through, look at the time, and realize that you will only be a little late for work.  But then the car won’t start!

You take a deep breath, try it again, and the engine starts.  Oh yes, you sigh relief.  But, once at work, everything that can go wrong, does.

Coming home, you are exhausted and just want to throw something quick into the oven for dinner and rest.  But your kids have just informed you that you need to bake four dozen cookies for the bake sale – due by tomorrow!

Times like these, you just want to throw your hands up towards the sky and ask:  WHY?!

This actually happened to me and I’m sure you can relate to this or similar kind of days in your life.

Back then, when I was raising my children, and experienced MANY days like these, I thought I would NEVER find a moment’s peace or time for myself to just rest and regroup.

I was wrong.

I discovered, during these hectic times, that you HAVE TO TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF to be at your best for others in your life!

Whether it’s your family, or your associates at work, you have to be as attentive to your own needs as you are theirs.  Allowing yourself to tire to the point of exhaustion, or being a task master on yourself to get everything done perfectly and on time, is NOT SERVING others.

You need to respect yourself as much as you respect your family, friends, and workmates.

The key is this:  don’t let the negativity come in, no matter what is happening.

You have an inner resilience:  an inner LIGHT so to speak.

Whether or not you are a religious person, or even if you don’t believe in the Spiritual, you will have to admit to yourself, if you think about it, that you, as well as all of us, are MORE THAN just physical, flesh and blood, beings.  We have something else that is beyond the physical body, beyond the frailties of emotions and circumstances.

Some call this something else The Spirit.  Some say this inner resilience may be connected with certain parts of our brains.

Nonetheless, there is PROOF that this inner resilience EXISTS and is REAL!

There are countless accounts, which are recorded and documented, of individuals overcoming devastating circumstance regarding family, money, health, and much more!  These people rose above things when others said there was no hope.  They recovered from illness, failure, family tragedy, personal problems.  And they did it because:



The key is to never ever allow negativity to get to you and overcome you.

Negativity is a dark and destructing energy that is not befitting our beings and well-being.  Negativity, when it takes hold, leads to illness, upset, despair, and depression.  It is in no way valuable to us or anyone around us!

Negativity is tricky in how it attempts to manifest so become aware of its lurking about in various forms that you might otherwise consider as valid if not aware that it is just another form for this destroyer of health, happiness, and success.

Negativity, for instance, often disguises itself as doubt, especially self-doubt.  If you, at times, feel that you just can’t accomplish something, or that you’re a failure; beware, that’s negativity!

Another way this bad influencer presents itself to you is in the form of accusation.  Self-accusation such as, “I’m being selfish by taking time for myself while my (family, friends, coworkers) need me,” is just old Negativity trying to bring you down.

Anytime you feel these things, or anything else that brings distress, suffering, discomfort, or any other feeling that is not loving or supportive of you, get rid of it because it is destructive Negativity.

How, you may ask, do I get rid of Negativity?


When you have any feelings or thoughts that are uncomfortable and not supporting you in a loving, in-the-Light way, you have the power to command those thoughts and/or feelings to leave you.

Say either aloud or quietly to yourself something like, “Get out of here!” or the well-known “Get thee behind me!” or something else of your choosing.  Be deliberate and visualize, if you can, this thought or feeling for what it is:  a dark and destructive energy.  See it, as you command with your words, leaving your body, your home, your work, and all the people around you.

You are a magnificent being, made of Light.  Never doubt that.  You have all the tools you need to be a success and to accomplish everything you want and need in your life.  You are a Gift to everyone around you, that’s why you are there.  Remember who you really are in the Light and rediscover the limitless well of Strength that is yours!

PHOTO CREDIT: Jen Theodore

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