Navigating Troubled Times

We are in uniquely challenging times right now.  Isolation, sheltering at home, loss of jobs or income, can feel overwhelming.

Don’t let the stress of these times flood in on you.

Learn how to stay strong and be there for your loved ones!

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Accept and Breathe

Change how you feel by changing how you breath!

You will find achieving a sense of inner calm fairly easy, in just the first few seconds, and it is available to you any time, any place, no expensive equipment or gear.

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No matter how you feel about current events, most of us would conclude that we are living in an era of profound change.  As people and as a civilization, it sometimes feels as if everything we hold true is being challenged.

This series is meant to help you navigate your way through people and things during these times, and to find your way back to your peaceful self.

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